Taking your power back!

After the ”sharing your story” process with a therapist or others, comes the ”take your power back” phase. In this phase you probably still lack self-confidence, worth and find it hard to set your boundaries to others. It is very common that you can start to gain your sense of self-worth of of people feeling sorry for what you have been through, or just recognition by others in general.

This is were you have to be very mindful, because you will not have the power over your life back unless it comes from within instead of being based on external factors. It is very important, even though it’s painful and confronting, to give yourself the time to process your experiences in a healthy emotional way. You have to sit with yourself and treat all the wounds that your experience has left you. It can absolutely make you feel down and vulnerable for a while but you have to go through this in order to experience that you are worthy of healing and way stronger than you think you are. (It can really help to listen to motivational speeches about self-worth, perserverence and spirituality.)

When you heal yourself with the intentions of coming back stronger than ever before it will keep you motivated during the healing process and prevent you from getting stuck in the dark place of pain, anger and trauma.  But honestly, the biggest gift of self-love you can give yourself is healing, a chance to take back full power over your live and live it exactly the way you want to live it. You have to go through a period of pain, but after you will be free and ready to build your life back up with you as the leader!

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