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The story behind Power Circle Foundation

When I think about a few years back when I overcame one of my darkest periods of my life… a violent relationship.

Stripped away from my own opinion, self-love and self-worth… having to rebuild myself back up again from zero dealing with the fact that it’s hard to understand how I felt and what happened to me for others.

First thing I did after I got out of this relationship was participating in @missnederland to feel that I was in control again and was worthy of everything I wanted. But then I wasn’t ready… I wasn’t as confident as I used to be and I had no purpose to stand for.

But now I DO… it took me some time to start to openly talk about it, but on my healing journey I found out that a lot of people have been through domestic violence in all forms themselves. I was so shocked that no one ever really speaks about it and when they do, they speak with shame.

Me standing proud and fighting against domestic violence is something that before I would never dare to do… when I came out of my violent relationship my reality was completely distorted and I didn’t even trust or believe in myself at all anymore. By traveling all by myself to Los Angeles as a beginning to grab my power and self-acceptance back… I soon found out that even while I was starting to get better on the outside, some deep trauma was still on the inside. For example, every time I saw a certain car brand I got sooo scared or when I watched a violent movie I just started to panic and cry. Something that I didn’t feel coming at all but completely overwhelmed me!

Please speak with me, because truly… OUR VOICE IS THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON!

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“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.”

— Glenn Close, 2020

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The goal with this platform to give it back to the domestic violence survivors. For them to use their voices and tell their stories, known or anonymously.
We are aware that this takes a lot of bravery and that's why we will publish your story keeping your identity safe when wished for.
Will you be the one taking the first leap? Please contact us through the E-mail form or send your story to our social pages!

Be brave and take back what is yours!

Lots of love.

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